The NI Bulletin is a premier feature of membership in Numismatics International.  You receive this highly informative periodical six times a year with your membership.  Top writers and numismatists have contributed about three thousand money related articles for over forty years. These articles are all listed, searchable, and available to NI members, after signing in.  This is an excellent research tool and a major benefit of membership in NI.

The NI Bulletin Editorial Staff stresses the “something for everyone” concept by trying to have each bulletin content cover a wide variety of numismatic subjects.  All articles in the NI Bulletin are donated by members or are reprinted from previous works.

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The current NI Bulletin is Volume 52 Nos. 5/6 dated May/June 2017.  A brief introduction to some of the articles of this Bulletin is:

  • RA Countermarks of the Galapagos Islands; Part II: Speculative Analysis of Historical Data, by David Wolfer, NI #2793.  For several decades now, questions have persisted over the legitimacy of an RA countermark.  Although embraced as legitimate in dealer lists and auction catalogs issued between the 1960's through.........
  • An unusual Host for a Special Hostess, by Eric C. Hodge, NI #2784.  The hostess is the 'Payable at Dalzell Farm' merchant countermark, (pronounced Dee-el).  Special, because, to quote Manville, in his Tour de Force on these issues, "The Dalzell Farm tokens are the only early nineteenth century tradesman's countermarked dollars............
  • If you Run out of Copper, Use Lead; And If No More Lead, How About Tin? Coins of the Siege of Kristianstad, by Robert Ronus, NI #LM139.  Scandinavia is now viewed as a region of peace and egalitarianism.  But that was not always the case.  For much of their history, the Scandinavian countries fought each other over territory under the leadership of violent ............

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