Numismatics International (NI) was established in April 1964 and has members located worldwide.  NI is the largest and most active numismatic organization in the world which excludes the sale, trade, discussion or display of coins and currency of the United States of America.  This allows a focus to study and collect other countries and regions in the world.

OBJECTIVES:  The Objectives of Numismatics International are to :

  • Encourage and promote the science of numismatics by specializing in areas and nations other than the United States of America;
  • Cultivate fraternal relations among collectors and numismatic students;
  • Encourage and assist new collectors;
  • Foster the interest of youth in numismatics;
  • Stimulate and advance affiliations among collectors and kindred organizations;
  • Acquire, share and disseminate numismatic knowledge.

NI is one of the few numismatic organizations which has received 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service as an educational non-profit organization.  This tax-exempt status furthers the objectives of NI by allowing your donations to be tax deductible.

A message from the President of Numismatics International:

“You are welcome to join us and enjoy seeing the world through numismatics.  There is a world of knowledge among our members and we like to learn from each other.  If you are in the North Texas area during the evening of the third Saturday of the month, please join our monthly educational meeting held in Dallas."   Howard F, President

Contact us: Numismatics International
PO Box 570842
Dallas, Texas 75357-0842
Email:  Secretary