The collecting of international numismatic items (coins, currency and exonumia) can be a fun and interesting hobby.  Anyone with a desire to learn of the history of civilizations and countries can learn what was considered to be so important that their money proudly displayed it.  Others wish to learn or teach finer details of unique coins.  Education and the sharing of knowledge is a primary focus of NI, with the scholarly NI Bulletin, the library and the publications.  In addition, the semi-annual Bid Sale allows members to acquire items of interest or to sell excess numismatic items.  This is done in a spirit of friendship with members who have similar interests.

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NI is now calling for coins/numismatic items for Mail Bid Sale #100

NI provides a major service to its members:  the NI Mail Bid Sale.  This allows members to sell items which they no longer wish to keep.  The next Mail Bid Sale is a major milestone, Number 100, and it will take place in the Spring of 2021.  We want this to be a very special Mail Bid Sale.  Please consider to send us 30 or more lots of nice individual coins or sets.  We do want nice coins, so coins with a catalog value of less than $5.00 cannot be accepted.

Details for listing coins on the Mail Bid Sale can be seen on this website by members.  In order to prepare for this Mail Bid Sale, coins must be received no later than November 30, 2020.

Numismatics International’s Coin Spotlight:

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Republic of CHAD - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - 200 Francs 1970

The Republic of Chad, a landlocked country in North Africa straddling the Sahara desert and more vegetated areas to the south, is historically linked to various other political and monetary unions. These are the French Equatorial Africa, Equatorial African States and the Central African States. After gaining independence from France in 1960 Chad observed the 10th Anniversary of this independence with a five coin proof set dated 1970. They chose to honor John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King (all three Americans assassinated), Charles de Gaulle, and Abdel Nasser. My interest was in the JFK coin, with 504 struck, was that it incorporated a depiction of an Apollo spacecraft which I needed to complete my set of coins honoring that famous moon landing space program. All of the coins have a mintage under 1000 but some are under 500, all in proof and most as part of a proof set. Again, in light of recent events I chose Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to present here (KM#4). Assuming KM's SCWC is correct, 954 MLK 200 Franc coins were struck at the Brussels mint. This coin portrait of the famous civil rights leader is probably the best of any coin depicting his image, and certainly the lowest mintage. It's minted in 15 g. of Sterling silver. You can view the other coins in this set at this LINK

The NI Bulletin:

The September 2020 edition of the NI Bulletin is now available on this website for members to download.  The September 2020 NI Bulletin includes the following articles:

  • A New Countermark Variety or Different Die, by Erik Hodge
  • Camerino or Rome? An intriguing Coin of Pope Clement X,  by Robert Ronus
  • The Gold Franc a cheval of John II,, by Michael T. Shutterly

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The 99th NI MailBid with 681 lots is still available to be seen on this site.  The Bidding closed on October 19, 2020.