The collecting of international numismatic items (coins, currency and exonumia) can be a fun and interesting hobby.  Anyone with a desire to learn of the history of civilizations and countries can learn what was considered to be so important that their money proudly displayed it.  Others wish to learn or teach finer details of unique coins.  Education and the sharing of knowledge is a primary focus of NI, with the scholarly NI Bulletin, the library and the publications.  In addition, the semi-annual Bid Sale allows members to acquire items of interest or to sell excess numismatic items.  This is done in a spirit of friendship with members who have similar interests.

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Ferdinand II of Aragon - Coronato

Ferdinand is today best known for his role in inaugurating the discovery of the New World, since he and Isabella sponsored the first voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. That year he also fought the final war with Granada which expunged the last Islamic state on Iberian soil, thus bringing to a close the centuries-long ReconquistaFerdinand II (Aragonese: Ferrando II d'Aragón, Spanish: Fernando II de Aragón, Catalan: Ferran el Catòlic) (10 March 1452 – 23 January 1516), called the Catholic, was King of Sicily from 1468 and King of Aragon from 1479 until his death. As a consequence of his marriage to Isabella I, he was King of Castile as Ferdinand V from 1474 until her death in 1504. He was recognised as regent of Castile for his daughter and heir, Joanna, from 1508 until his own death. In 1504, after a war with France, he became King of Naples as Ferdinand III, reuniting Naples with Sicily permanently and for the first time since 1458. In 1512, he became King of Navarre by conquest. (Wikipedia)
Ferdinando I d’Aragona (1458-1494), Coronato, Napoli, AR, (g 3,91, mm 26). + FERDINANDVS:D:G:R⋅SICIL:IER⋅, striped cross, below C, Rv. :CORONATVS:QA:LEGITME:CERT:, bust of king r., wearing crown; at l. C. MIR 68/12; Pannuti-Riccio 15m. B# 1673; C&C #1270. The large cross is of the type typically represented on the sails of the Columbus flagship the Santa Maria.

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The March/April 2017 edition of the NI Bulletin is now available on this website for members to download.  Included in the March/April NI Bulletin are:

  • Pieces of Riel for Making Cob Planchets
  • Gold Extracted from Silver Captured in the First Opium War
  • A Stolberg Double First, An Unpublished Half Taler on an Unpublished Mule
  • 1 Guilder 1954 of Queen Juliana

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