• The NI Bid Sale is offered twice per year.  Although these lots can be viewed by the general public, offers and bids are only accepted from NI members.
  • The Terms of Sale are:
    • Please place bids by lot number.  No lots will be broken.
    • Tie bids shall be broken by the earliest bid received date.
    • All items are guaranteed to be genuine.
    • There is no charge for executing bids and no commission is charged to the buyer.
    • Postage and insurance shall be added to the invoice of successful bidders.
    • Payment by successful bidders is due immediately upon receipt invoice.
    • Winning lots will be shipped after receipt of payment.
    • The Auction Committee reserves the right to reject any bid.
    • All bids must be received by the Auction Committee by the Closing Date.
    • Members may submit bids by mail or by email on the NI Bid Sheet.
    • By mail, send bids to: Numismatics International, PO Box 570842, Dallas, TX 75357-0842
  • If you wish to submit numismatic items for sale in the NI Bid Sale, please sign-in as a member to obtain instructions.

The  98th NI Bid Sale  was reissued with over 260 lots, but it closed on June 15, 2020It remains available for viewing.

The Bid Sheet is for NI MEMBERS ONLY! Please log in for access.